Paul Roseberry is a rising comic, mixing his rustic and down to earth Portsmouth, NH, upbringing with his Los Angeles, Boston and NYC, big city street smarts.  His first on camera television performance was as a trash-talker on MTV’s Yo Momma!, where he won 5 consecutive live matches on 2 episodes.  He was invited to the show after a loud and drunken night at a house party where a casting director saw him in action and knew he had to be a part of the project.

He hobbies as a dating coach for men, while working in sales and applying his knowledge of people from his past 100+ jobs from dishwasher, construction worker, financial planner to even owning a payphone!  Paul has always been fascinated with the grind and seeing life from the real world perspective.  

If you're looking for a high energy perspective on life's daily and often overlooked absurdities, watch one set and you'll immediately want to become best friends with this one of a kind man's man.​​