Make. Stories. Happen.

A rich soul born poor, Paul Roseberry was a fat kid who stuttered, vegetarian against his will, freakishly tall with holes in his shoes in a bad neighborhood.  Despite all, he went from being picked on in school to a dating coach for men.  This undercover journalist of life puts a high energy and razor sharp edge on his solutions to all of life's problems.

Having had over 100 jobs, tried every drug, dated every girl, and powered by a Mensa IQ, Paul lives for the story and makes the stories happen.  Probably the friendliest and most charismatic yet deeply disturbed man’s man you’ll ever meet.  If you’re looking to cut loose and hear someone say all the things you’ve always wanted to, then buckle up, you’re about to meet the mayor of Paulville, and you may never want to leave!